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For small museums with limited staff, social media can be overwhelming. This talked explored collaborative approaches to social media strategy, including how to set goals, choose the right tools, build a unique and appropriate voice, and encourage staff and volunteers to work together. Presented with Hillary Mohaupt for the Small Museum Association Conference, February 2017 and 2018.

Goals Before Tools

In this roundtable, representatives from four very different institutions shared their experiences bringing a more whimsical mindset to their work. How can we win over our colleagues who may be “whimsy skeptics”? Can we respect serious work and topics while keeping a whimsical mindset? How can institutions bring a sense of play to varied audiences? Presented at the National Council on Public History conference in 2017.

Seriously Whimsical: Public History Whimsy in Practice

How can public historians build their social media presence? What tools, communication skills, and networks should public history professionals use when building a social media presence for an organization? How do you develop an online voice, set and track goals, and manage content? Presented for the History Communications course at Southeast Missouri State University in 2017.

Social Media for Fun and (Non)Profit
Interested in having me speak to your classroom or organization about social media, digital strategy, or inclusive storytelling? Send me an email. Here are just a few of the talks I've previously given.


"By identifying the women in these images, you can help correct the historical record."

BBC Future: The People Solving Mysteries During Lockdown

"Women have always, or for a very long time, been involved in different kinds of scientific processes and projects, [but] because they were often in more junior roles or supportive roles, they were not held up, identified, or highlighted."

Massive Science: Can you help identify unnamed women scientists of the past?

"We're a history of science institution. We tend to approach science sideways."

WHYY: Audio Tour Highlights Historic Preservation Flash Points in Philly's Old City

"How can we make [everyone] feel invested in the story we're trying to tell?"

Driving Participation Podcast: Creating a Bigger Impact Through Collaboration
Here are some of the media outlets that have spoken to me about digital storytelling, women in the history of science, and more.
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