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Content Strategy Consulting.

I consult with scholars, authors, and small organizations to develop social media and online content strategies that promote and clearly communicate exciting work. As a history communicator with ten years of experience working in museums and nonprofits large and small, I understand the needs of scholars and cultural organizations who want to improve how they communicate online, but don't know where to begin. I am here to create sustainable content strategy for people and organizations who are excited to share what they do with the world, but are short on time or resources.

I serve:

  • Individual scholars in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences

  • Research centers and scholarly projects

  • Small museums, historic sites, and libraries

  • Small arts and culture organizations

I offer:

  • One-on-one coaching for scholars on developing a social media presence or website

  • Content strategy consulting for academic projects and organizations

  • Workshops on social media basics and sustainable social media strategy for individuals and small organizations

Client Case Studies:

Elena Conis
Professional Website

Dr. Conis is a historian of medicine, health, and the environment at the University of California, Berkeley. She needed a small website that would summarize her research interests, list her publications, and highlight her media appearances for her scholarly peers and students. The website CMS needed to be easy to use so that she could update it in the future. I chose a website editor that fit her needs and developed the necessary content based on the materials she shared.

The Making and Knowing Project at Columbia University
Content Strategy Development

In 2016, Making and Knowing--a history of science project headed by Dr. Pamela Smith at Columbia University--received significant press, including an article in the New Yorker. Communication from outside scholars, students, journalists, and curious individuals increased significantly, overwhelming the project's small team of researchers. I spent a full day with the Making and Knowing team, assessing their current communication outlets, developing audience priorities for their work, and advising on next steps. 

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